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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a home owners association?

Yes, Livingston Airpark Property Owners Association is the home owners association that owns and maintains the roads, taxiways and other common property. Deed Restrictions and Bylaws can be read here:

POA Bylaws

POA Restrictions

What is it like to fly into Livingston Municipal Airport?

Livingston Municipal Airport (00R) is a public airport with a 3,700 x 60 asphalt runway 12/30, overlaid with grip flex sealant in July 2007. The weight bearing capacity is 11,000 lbs (single wheel). The runway is illuminated at night by medium intensity lights, and it does have an instrument approach for runway 30.

What about the city of Livingston, TX?

Here is a link to the city of Livingston, TX web site

Are there any commercial properties within Livingston Airpark?

No, commercial business is not allowed in Livingston Airpark.

Is the airpark attached to a private airport or public?

Livingston Municipal Airport is a city owned, public use airport and is categorized as a general aviation facility.

Is there fuel on the field?

Yes, the city of Livingston sells 100LL AVGAS using a credit card operated system. The system consists of a skid-mounted, EPA-approved, 10,000 gallon above-ground storage tank and fuel dispenser.

Are there separate taxiways?

Livingston Airpark has a connection to the runway via a residential through-the-fence (RTTF) agreement with Livingston Municipal Airport. The roads in the community serve a dual purpose as taxiways and roads with aircraft having the right of way. The roads/taxiways are a mix of asphalt and concrete.

Is there an instrument approach?

Yes, Livingston Municipal Airport (00R) does have an instrument approach for runway 30. There are 5 other airports with instrument approaches between 20 and 40 nm of Livingston

What is the history of Livingston Airpark?

Livingston Airpark was incorporated in 1986.

What is the weather like in the city of Livingston, TX?

Texas has mild winters and over 300 days of VFR flying weather per year.

Airport and Aircraft Security

Call 1-866-GA-SECUR(E) or 1-866-427-3287 to report any security breech or suspected security breech on an airport. Call local authorities, such as municipal or airport police or county sheriff if time is of the essence, before you call GA SECURE.